Photographer / Photographic
°1972 (Antwerp, Belgium)

During her childhood, Wanda Detemmerman came into contact with photography through her father, who regularly went to Japan for his work at Kenwood Electronics 
and bringing the latest gadgets of photography and film back to Belgium. 
The camera became Wanda's favourite toy. Her passion for photography and image and her deep insight into the technology were also inspired by her father.

They were the seeds of a tireless, multifaceted development into the arts which Wanda subsequently undertook. 
Art education further fed and stimulated her insatiable hunger for creation and technical excellence. 
Unfortunately, her parents, both of Polish-Belgian origin, did not support her choice to study Art Sciences at RIKSO at the age of 16yo. 

Because of this background and the conflictual relationship with her mother, Wanda has always been very apt at observing the veracity of motives and of human action. 
Her aversion to hypocrisy and lying, combined with a very sensitive and with a stoic sense of justice, led to an emphasis on hyper-realistic representations which characterise her photography. 
In essence, Wanda is always looking for le vrai.

In 1997, Wanda graduated as jewel designer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (KASKA). 
During this training, she also took some optional courses in graphics and photography.

Photography gradually became a fixture in her life, works on assignments for her then-boyfriend who is also a photographer. 
In 2011, Wanda finished a photography course of 3 years at Syntra, followed by a year of DKO photo art at the Academy to sharpen her creative perception 
after the very technical training at Syntra. 

After all, there is no limit to Wanda's need for education.

Her first exhibition IN THE PICTURE took place in May 2015 under the curatorship of her uncle and mentor, gallery holder Szymon Detemmerman.

Text © Lucas Bleyen 2019
Translation © Bart Cammaerts 2019